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About Our Duo Team

We are a family own company that enjoys what we do. We have been doing work for over 15 years. 

Leidy Lopez de Rojas is a recently graduate architect from NJIT. She had done many design work throughout her career as a designer that her specialty is design functionality over aesthetics. She makes sure her designs are functional and meet the clients needs and wants.  

She works together with her husband and has she designs he builds it. They are a great team that complements each other.

Ramiro Rojas is the contractor and he executes the amazing designs his wife provides the clients.
We are a company that provides everything a home remodel needs. the architectural design drawings, project management, construction and until our client is happy we do not move on to our next project.  We have a great team of plumbers and electricians and other builders we work well with to make the project possible. 

Our Team
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